Its main activity is the construction and maintenance of roads, railways and construction of hydraulic structures. AD "Sremput" Ruma owns plants for the production of concrete and asphalt, and also is responsible for routine and winter maintenance of roads.

By JP "Putevi Srbije" to this company is entrusted a maintenance of state roads IA, I-B, II-A and II-B order, as follows:

  • A3, section Dobanovci - Batrovci, with a length of 92.70 km, on which is the bridge on river Bosut, seven loops, four overpasses and 20 road crossings.
  • A1, section Beška Bridge - Batajnica, with a length of 33.94 km, and on which are the six loops and six road crossings.
  • Roads I-B, II-A and II-B order of a length of 525.33 km.